Q & A

"Will I get wet? What should I wear?"

YES! You will get wet! All classes are based in the swimming pool, and we suggest that you have a basic level swimming ability for when you fall in! You can wear anything you are comfortable in that you don't mind getting wet!

"What can I expect in a class?"

Currently we are running 40 min HIIT classes, these classes are guaranteed to get your heart beating, and will include moves such as jumps, squats, lunges, burpees and lots of splashing! Coming soon; yoga and a kids class!

"How can I book?"

- Register online here  

- Use the "Book a Board" option on our home page

-Call us or whatsapp on +971 58 256 4735

-Email info@floatuae.com

-DM us on Instagram @float_uae