Private 1:1 lessons

Private lessons provide individualised attention to help learn and improve swimming. Particularly useful for children/adults that are learning to swim for the first time.

1 lesson: 120/-

5 lessons: 600/-

10 lessons: 1150/-

Semi private 2:1 lessons

Semi private lessons are a fantastic way to learn alongside someone of a similar level/ability.

1 lesson: 85/-

5 lessons: 425/-

10 lessons: 800/-

Group lessons

Group lessons allow 3 children/adults to learn in competitive situations. They are a great way to develop social skills and learn from others.

1 lesson: 75/-

5 lessons: 375/-

10 lessons: 700/-

Parent and Child lessons

For babies as young as 3 months, these classes allow parents to get into the pool with their child. Lessons focus on introduction to water, safety and fun!

1 lesson: 75/-

5 lessons: 375/-

10 lessons: 700/-

Our Team

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How to Book

To register interest please follow the link below or email info@floatuae.com and someone will get back to you within 24 hours